Racism at the Football Stadium


Right after the English winning goal from the completion of the swimmer, mass fights between members and players from the training teams of each team were adopted while homeless singing from the stands might be heard throughout the game. Like most people, my close friends also couldn’t understand how the entire stadium was insulting the dark-skinned opponents. The participant mentioned above, Danny Rose (20), explained: ‘Every time I proceed to get a cut to get a throw,’ ‘the fans start singing monkeys’, including he found it hard to focus on this match. At the 60th moment Rose angrily kicked the piece and was also shown the red card.

Investigations left hanging from the atmosphere: Exactly why is racism and violence from the Balkan football stadium? Initially, I didn’t know what to say even though this game was not an isolated example. Because isn’t FIFA handsome the HNS (Croatian Football Association) in 2008 because of stereotypical insults towards British national staff player Emil Heskey บ้านผลบอล?

The answer comes quickly. The truth is that even though the bitter war raged in this area significantly more than 20 years before, it seemed that in the heads of several people the war was still going on. Therefore people tend to blame others (and different) at all times for every problem – whether it is unemployment, difficult times, or frustration every day. A large number of lovers were created in the postwar years if their mothers and fathers, teachers, and society as a whole had not considered them as endurance, tolerance, and acceptance of variation, exactly why were they surprised by this kind of activity?

It is not fair to complete racism in a stadium that is only owned by ‘Balkan specialties’ – you can find examples from various countries. Thus participating in Euro 2012 UEFA currently recognizes the Russian and Spanish football federations, as fans of Spain make a monkey sound through a game from Italy to excite Balotelli and Russian supporters insult Czech Gebreselassie.

Is this endurance and mutual respect for fans and opposing players developing the higher the GDP, the level of the united states concerned? When have you ever heard of the ‘cruel Norwegian fans that caused the incident at a football match,’ or that Finnish people ‘have insulted highly insulted black participants’? I certainly haven’t heard it. But linking poverty to an explosion of violence and racism will only erode the face of their growing problems.

As a result, the football federation must punish such violations even harder, but more importantly – that fans must develop an understanding that there is no negative energy released by fights or racist songs that will take care of their problems. The exact same problem will still be waiting for them after they return from your soccer match, they will only buy another: they have left fools when they embrace insults to a player based on their skin color. And also the truth that they, as the Serbs say, ‘have missed all football’ (‘Promise CEO Fudbal’).

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