Uncovering Pure Play Poker – Revealing What Pure Play Poker Is About And More!


Pure play poker has impressed the online Texas Hold Em world by having 2.4 million members and growing by the day. It is incredible how fast this gaming website is growing. What surprises me is that quite a few people in the online poker world have no idea what it is, even though it has a huge following. Just to give you an example of how big a following it has, the site has over 30,000 fans in facebook. That is huge!

The way the site works is you can either be a free member or a paying VIP member (cost is $24.95 a month). The difference is a VIP number will able to participate in many more tournaments where you win cash prizes. The prize money ranges from $500 to $5000 pussy888.

Pure play poker has turned into a bit of a social network. Besides being to improve your skills it has become a platform where like-minded people can socialise.

However, there have been quite a few negative criticisms about the site. There are some serious complaints that the site is rigged. Many people have complained that they are lured in to pay the membership fees but very few people end up winning any of the cash prizes. Some seasoned players have alleged that the tournaments games where not normal and they kept on losing despite their advanced skill set. Some people have gone as far as to call for an investigation and for the site to be shut down.

There are other allegations that the site exposes your computer to viruses. Apparently it is a front for locking up your computer.

It seems that if you want to participate with pure play poker you should proceed with caution. At the very least you should be very weary about giving away any money.

However, if you are serious about playing online poker in a secure environment and want to get to the point where you can win big money then I know just the place for you.

You need to discover poker rooms that is full of amateurs (so you have a chance at winning!) and mega cash tournaments.