Earn Money Playing Slots Online

Yay, what a life would be that be – sitting behind the fancy slot machine, hitting buttons, sipping bud light and constantly cashing out big bucks, or coins. Sure, we know that Casinos (Event Online Casinos, Yes) take their “edge” and earn hideous profit, but we don’t think about it when we step into a local casino or log on our favorite online casino slots gcash.
There’s always a constant battle between “us” (the player) and “them” (casino) and most of the time we’re pretty equal, until the slot machine suddenly turn into a money-leeching demon and starts eating our cash. So, after losing again, you ended up reading this article that has a title which gaves you some hope.
Not that I want to sound rude, but consider because you are win your money back. Every bet you make equals giving your money away. Actually, there’s only one way to gain a profit visiting a casino – that’s when you sign up for a casino’s club card and go visit the place once in a while. You won’t play but always claim your “club member bonus” free drink. After drinking it you should leave the place, but you know guys, that almost never happened.
For people who still believe that they can win with slot machines, I have listed some myths and rumors that aren’t true. Believing in them brings you debts and misery.
Some people believe that a poor paying slot machine is about to hit big, maybe even a jackpot, so it would be smart to keep on playing or even raise the bets ::
Well, actually there no difference if the machine has been paying poor for a long time or not, because each spin is unique and totally random (if, that is, you’re playing at least casino control commission or a gamblingralf approved casino and the Machine uses Well-Known Software). There’s different situations in land based casinos, because even if they claim that slot machines payout percentage is fixed and constant, it still happened sometimes. The payout percentage has been lowering to nonexistent and you can keep on playing and losing forever. There’s also no such things as “feeding the slot machine” (this equals losing your money in order to win it back later) or “milking it”.
Talking on a cell phone when gambling drives high tech slot machines crazy and helps to win big … or not! Actually some cell phones Digital Slot Machines Damage (Esphially Before Gsm Coverage, When NMT Was a Superhit), but I have been heard any stories of players being able to cheat the casino with this trick and withdraw the money.
I know a few player who had a sudden $ 100,000 on their bankroll and weren’t paid, because the computer chip made a mistake (probably caused by cell phone). Every bet and win has to be proved by a slot machine’s previous winnings history, which is saved and constantly checked.

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