Is the Erect Penis Affected by Marijuana Use?


Penis health is an interest which encompasses many areas, including a male’s lifestyle choices. For example, when it comes to using recreational chemicals, many men are attentive to the infamous”whiskey dick,” a state in which smoking prevents the use of an erection dysfunction – however what about marijuana? Will there be such a thing as a”ganja dick?”

The Impact of Legalization

The inquiry of how marijuana might or might not impact the CBD Isolate Wholesale manhood is becoming more pressing in recent years. This was precipitated by the move toward decriminalization of marijuana use and a definite increase in the availability of marijuana for medical purposes.

One of the up sides of the trend is the fact that with bud more readily available in legal form, it is going to be easier for scientists to conduct studies that look at bud and its health effects, including its impact on the penis and reproductive functioning. Yet, there are already some existing studies that provide some essential initial details.

Erect penis function

Much of what is understood about marijuana’s potential effect on the erect penis comes from a 2011 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This study revealed that the penis includes proteins which can be called cannabinoid receptors. This reaction is what induces the impairment associated with becoming high.

The 2011 study found that a number of these receptors will also be positioned in the smooth muscle of the penis, which constitutes roughly 3/4 of their organ and which is an essential component in erectile functioning. As the study wasn’t large enough in scope to ascertain what impact this may have on manhood health, the study authors think that it might suggest potential unwanted consequences, particularly for men whose use is ordinary and long term in character.


Additionally, there may be other penile problems associated with marijuana usage. Interestingly, the same study found that each day users were three times more prone to suffer from premature ejaculation.

These apparently contradictory results indicate that more research is needed. Additionally, it is worth noting that many men claim that smoking marijuana helps them in bed. Getting high calms them also leaves them feel more receptive and open to physical stimulation and to psychological involvement.


Last, long term tobacco smoking has been found to adversely affect the elasticity of penile connective tissue, which over time may cause a loss of length in the manhood. Whether such an impact occurs with bud is cloudy, however a man might want to think about.

Most men using marijuana hit their usage”peak” in their 20s or early 30s, an occasion if they have been also enjoying a sexual performance high. Because of this, most vertical penis effects which marijuana may happen to be mitigated with the powerful sexual health of youth. However, the challenge remains whether usage during this age might impact their sexual health in later life.

Since the precise impact of marijuana onto the erect organ is up in the atmosphere, men have a tendency to consider all steps necessary to keep their manhood health during its summit; a nutritious penis will be able to better withstand any effects that may occur. Normal use of some superior penis health crème (caregivers recommend Man1 Person Oil) assists in keeping the member in good shape. Especially valuable is that the crème with L-arginine and vitamin C. l arginine can be an amino acid which assists in the creation of nitric oxide, which subsequently helps keep penile arteries open and receptive to the flow of blood, an important part of proper erectile wellbeing. Vitamin C also helps blood flow maintenance as well as encouraging collagen production, which in turn is critical for penile erections.